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The 10 best free beaches on Curacao

The 10 best free beaches on Curacao

Fortunately, there are still many free beaches on Curaçao. The island has many paid beaches, where you are obliged to pay an entrance fee and where you have to pay for a bed. It's great to pamper yourself now and then, but if you feel like a little more adventure, we advise you to go to one of the free beaches. We personally find these beaches more beautiful and you also get the real island feeling. You can also bring your own food and drinks to the beaches below, which can save a lot of money. At ABC Resort you can rent chairs and cool boxes for a low price, great right?!

Grote knip

The beach that you see in all travel guides. Here you have really azure blue water and very fine sand. At Grote Knip you can easily walk into the sea, so no scrambling over rocks. You can buy food here at various places and there are a number of parasols. It can be quite busy on this beach, but that does not alter the fact that it is definitely worth it! Recently they built a large roundabout here and a new road surface, so that more tourists can come here.

Gratis strand Grote Knip

Kleine knip

As the name suggests, Klein Knip is Grote Knip's little brother. A cute beach, where you can snorkel beautifully. Perfect if you want to avoid the crowds of Grote Knip. We recommend going to Klein Knip early in the morning for the best spot. This beach is one of the gems of the free beaches on Curaçao. 

Playa Kalki

You will find Playa Kalki on the westernmost tip of Curaçao. As far as we are concerned, one of the most idyllic beaches on the island, which should certainly not be missed during a tour of Westpunt. Looking for a nice restaurant nearby? We recommend Solfood for delicious pizzas and burgers (make a reservation!).

"Bring sandwiches, a filled cool box and enjoy island life on one of the unspoilt beaches on Westpunt"

Playa Piskado

The hotspot for snorkeling with turtles. There is a large jetty here where local fishermen moor their boats. They fillet the caught fish and throw the residual waste into the sea, turtles love this residual waste. It may not be the cleanest or most comfortable beach, but this one should not be missing from your list! We ask you to please leave the animals alone and especially not to touch them.

Schildpad gratis strand

Playa Wachi (Snakebay)

Not many tourists will know this beach, because it is a very small beach. You may be the only one on this little piece of paradise. There is a palapa, so there is some shade. A little further on is Boca Sami, the next mentioned beach…

Boca Sami

This local beach is very close to ABC Resort and can be easily reached by car. Boca Sami is one of the few fishing villages we know on the island. You really feel the Curaçao here! In Boca Sami there are 2 nice restaurants, namely the Niffohuts and Diverse Sauzen. A nice place to enjoy a beautiful sunset!

Do you like diving? Then we advise you to book a dive at Wederfoort, the oldest and most famous diving school on the island. 


This is our favorite free beach on Curaçao and for good reason. It is very pleasant and has many free shady spots. There is the possibility to buy some fries and a cold beer from Kees (the manager of the snack hut). The chance that you spot turtles here is very high and you can also snorkel alongside the rocks really beautifully. By the way, you can also have a BBQ here at certain places on the beach. An excellent opportunity to go out with a rented BBQ from ABC!


It is often quiet on Jeremi beach, but very cosy! Note: you have little to no shade here. So this is perfect for a sunset or a morning, but if you don't want to become a tomato, you might be better off skipping this beach. You cannot buy food or drinks here, so come with a filled cooled box. 

This is definitely a top spot for a perfect holiday photo near the clear blue sea!


Local, small-scale, incredibly beautiful! Here you can also have a delicious lunch on top of a cliff. We recommend the goat cheese salad! We have never eaten such a delicious salad. You're in such a special place here, so it's definitely a good place for a romantic lunch! You can rent beach beds here, but that is of course not mandatory! By the way, don't be alarmed if a few chickens or iguanas walk past your bed!

Playa Pretu

You can get to this beach via a walking path from Santa Cruz beach. The beach has black sand, which makes it a unique beach on Curaçao. The chance that you are alone here is very high. If you are still looking for another fun activity in the area; Captain Goodlife (at playa Santa Cruz) rents kayaks to paddle to the Blue Room (Blue Room). On the way you can stop with the kayak at Playa Pretu. The Blue Room is a cave where the sunlight creates a blue glow in the entire cave. Beautiful natural phenomenon!

In addition to the tips about the free beaches on Curaçao, curious what else you can experience on the island? We are ready for you and are happy to help you get the most out of your vacation on Curacao!

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