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Rainy day on Curacao

Rainy day on Curacao

Most of the year Curaçao is dry and sunny. Of course you also travel to the beautiful island for an ideal holiday in the sun, but what do you do if it suddenly rains for a day? Even when it rains there is plenty to do on Curaçao!

1. Tasting Blue Curaçao

The blue well-known Curaçao liqueur is made in Landhuis Chobolobo. They offer various tours in which you are taken through the history and the production process. A standard tour only costs 15 USD. In this tour you get a tour and you can taste different liqueur variations. You finish in the courtyard with a cocktail of your choice. Prefer a more extensive tour? That is also possible, because they even offer cocktail workshops!

2. Shopping

On a rainy day it may be less pleasant to walk through the inner streets of Punda or Otrobanda. You can then choose to walk around 'Renaissance Mall & Rif Fort'. Here are several shops and restaurants. We also have an indoor shopping center on Curaçao called 'Sambil'. Sambil has a large foodcourt. In addition, there are both local shops and large universal chains in Sambil. Shopping, without being bothered by the rain on Curaçao, ideal!

3. Cinema

Nowadays, a visit to the cinema is already very expensive in the Netherlands. Fortunately, that is not the case on Curaçao. The local cinema 'The Movies' even has weekly promotions. For example, you can go to the cinema on Monday from 6NAF and on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8NAF. Did you bring a sweater? Strangely enough, it is advisable to dress warmly for a visit to the cinema on Curaçao.

4. Have lunch

There are plenty of places where you could go for lunch, but not all those nice places are suitable during a rainy day on Curaçao. One of our favorites is definitely Number Ten. This lunchroom is located in the yard of Landhuis Bloemhof. Here you can drink the best coffees on the island and enjoy a delicious lunch. You can also go to De Heeren in Zuikertuintje on a rainy day. It's an open restaurant so if you're inside you're sitting outside, remember? In addition, the food is also simply delicious!

5. Local cooking class

You might as well be in the kitchen on a rainy day, right? A unique way to discover the local cuisine is to follow a cooking course. This is possible at Helmi Smeulders. She brings Caribbean cuisine to life in her unique way and uses only fresh local products. She can teach you the tricks of the trade in a cooking course, but you can also choose to be served while the food is prepared in front of you.

Many tourists find the rainy days on Curaçao very annoying. They come for the sun and have already seen enough rain in the Netherlands. These rainy days are very much appreciated by the locals. These are days when the island can cool down for a while and the plants get enough water again. Sun, sea and beach are of course the elements that Curaçao is known for. In addition, the island also has a beautiful nature, partly due to the rainy season. A day of rain while on holiday is therefore not so bad. With the above tips you can probably enjoy yourself for a day.

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