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The 10 best restaurants on Curaçao

The 10 best restaurants on Curaçao

Honestly; the island is full of tasty restaurants, cozy beach bars and tokos. You can eat very well on Curaçao and that is not entirely unimportant during a well-deserved holiday! Some restaurant are more famous than others, which is why we have made an overview of our favorite places on Curaçao. It varies from lunch spots to a romantic dinner setting, so something for everyone!

De Visserij

You can eat the tastiest fresh tuna here! You really have to go here.. have to? YES! The meat is so tender and soft that it almost melts on your tongue. What is unique about this address is that it is also a foundation. Local fishermen can moor at the Visserij and sell their catch of the day immediately. They clean the fish and it almost immediately ends up on your plate. It is not a fancy restaurant, you should think of red and white checkered tablecloths, buckets of beer and picnic tables. Unlike many restaurants in Curaçao, the audience that comes here is mixed and does not only consist of tourists. Do you like the pirate in Aruba? Then you can't miss the fact that you also love the Visserij! (The Fishery is open from Friday to Monday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

De Buren

The nicest cafe on the island. De Buren is located on the Wilhelminaplein in Punda. You have a large international menu here and there is always a cozy atmosphere. The biggest recommendation on the menu are the 'fajitas'. The moment it is served, you think: 'YES, good choice!'. On Thursday evening it is shopping evening in Punda, called 'Punda Vibes'. On that night it is extra cozy and busy in the city. There will be live music and a fireworks show at 8 p.m., you want to experience this!


You can find this cozy spot in the hip neighborhood of Pietermaai. The concept is shared dining, although we are not really fans of this concept, this restaurant is really one of our favorites. It is a bit more upscale than most restaurants, you sit in a romantic garden with all kinds of lights, the service is top notch and the food is really great! Afterwards you can drink a nice cocktail in the bar next door: Caña. It's really worth it, you shouldn't miss this one.
“Enjoy the nice atmosphere, tastiest cocktails and shared dining in Otrobanda and Pietermaai"

Hofi Cas Cora

This is our best lunch spot! You almost imagine yourself in a French atmosphere. French? Yes! It is a beautiful green oasis where 2 young entrepreneurs have set up a beautiful organic farm. The dishes served in the restaurant consist of ingredients that they grow themselves. The menu is mainly healthy and a winner for vegetarians and vegans. This is also a very nice place to go with children. Tip: as soon as you have finished eating, it is recommended to take a short walk around the plantation and on the farm. (Hofi Cas Cora is open from Friday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.)


Ooooh PIZZA! Sometimes your craving for pizza is so great that you just have to give in. Fortunately, we have several good pizzerias, but only one can be the best and that's Tomatoes! The restaurant is located by the sea, so make sure you book at 6:00 PM, then you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. The atmosphere there is wonderful. And before I forget; the pizzas are really delicious! Or did I already say that?


You've come to the right place for a romantic night out! Torches, sunset, divine cuisine and a very nice abiance. This is an address where you literally sit with your feet in the sand and where you can hear the sound of the sea in the background. This is also a wonderful place for a well-groomed beach day, a lunch should certainly not be missed!

De Gouverneur

Dining in an old colonial building with a view of the well known coloured houses? Yep, this is your place to be! In addition to a balcony with a beautiful view, this restaurant also has a cozy courtyard. The restaurant has an international menu with a Caribbean twist, something for everyone. Would you like to dine on the balcony with the most amazing view? Make a reservation in advance so that you are assured of a table! Absolutely recommended: the banana soup!

Truk’i Pan

Fancy a greasy bite after a night out? This tip is for the real night owls among us. At 21.00 many food trucks open along the road, where delicious meat from the barbecue is sold. Truki-pan actually means bread truck. In the past, mainly meat on bread was sold here, but now you can order everything here. There are no tables or service here, so all late-night snacks are very affordable!


Kokomo, the beach that is favorite with many ABC guests! A good spot during the day for a wonderful beach day and in the evening for a chic dinner. Attention truffle lovers: Kokomo's absolute signature dish is the pasta Al Tartufo. They then come to your table with a large cheese and prepare the pasta right in front of you. A very nice and above all delicious event! Tip: every Sunday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM there is a very pleasant happy hour with a live band.

OP=OP Eetcafé de Tijd

For the tastiest spare ribs on the island, go to Eetcafé de Tijd! The concept is funny, the name says it all, op = op means gone = gone. A large chalkboard outside the cafe shows exactly how many servings of each dish they have left. And when it runs out, you're out of luck! Most people who come here then say that these were the best spare ribs ever, are you going to try it? We'd love to hear what you thought of it!

More tips about our beautiful island? We are ready for you and are happy to help you get the most out of your vacation on Curacao!

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